Tuesday, May 18, 2010

What's up with me

I'm sorry I haven't been blogging as much as I had planned to. And not proving I'm CRAZY ABOUT SCHOOL! I promise I will blog a LOT more in 6th grade AHHHHHH (middle school), than I have been in 5th grade(elementary school). I'm SOOOOOOOO glad I'm almost done with elementary school. My mom does not want her baby girl to grow up. But mom, I have to say all kids including me have to grow up even if their parents don't want then to. When people ask me with my mom around Ashleigh what grade are you going into I say 6th then my mom says shhhhhh. HAHAHAH! Today is my 180 day of school which means today is supposed to be my last day of school, but sadly it is not. You see I still have my last science test tomorrow, YAY, finish up history, finish my saxon 7/6 math book. Thankfully, I'm already done with grammar, my least favorite subject. Why is it my least favorite subject? Because I absolute dislike diagraming, even though I am good at it. As I said a few months ago my favorite subjects are history and science. Again all my friends and family reading this are probably 99.9% thinking her favorite subject is WHAT? yes I have to say my favorite subjects are history and science. Now as I said I will post a lot more next school year then this one. I will even post over the summer. Keep looking at my blog every couple day to see what I post next. You never know what I might post next.

Well I got to go eat some yummy sloppy joes my mom made for lunch. Thank you mom for making me lunch. And for homeschooling me at home I appreciate it, and for loving me! I LOVE YOU MOM!