Thursday, September 23, 2010

My day

Woke up 7:45
ate breakfast
got dressed

Left for Bible study (cbs) 8:50

Picked up lunch at McDonalds 11:50

Went to the park for a homeschool picnic 12:05
ate lunch at park
played with friends

Left because of hot weather 2:10

Watched tv
Organized outside toy box

Ate dinner baked potatoes 6:00

Blogged 6:45

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

6th grade mania

I'm sorry it has been awhile.

School is going well!

In math I'm learning about fractions of a group problems, making angles, concentric circles, etc... In grammar I'm currently studying different types of nouns (abstract, neuter, common...). I have already been tested on types of sentences.
Here is a list of some spelling words I have done in spelling:
Today we just finished Mystery of History vol. 1; which took us to the resurrection of Jesus.
I am also taking an awesome science class taught by another homeschool mom. We have made candles, gone on an element hunt, talked about the states of matter, and the scientific method.
I am unable to participate in soccer this season because on Sept. 10th I fell off my brothers scooter and broke my left wrist. I'm currently in a splint and sling, hopefully this coming Monday I will get a hard cast, I am a little nervous. I will have to have that on for a few weeks.