Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I'm so sorry that I'm not updating as much as would like too.
I've been doing a lot with friends lately such as, Tuesday Adventures, six78, science class, going sewing with my BFF, CBS bible study, and homeschool middle school socials.
I just finished memorizing Exodus 20. I've started getting ideas in for my homeschool history expo project on Daily Life in the Dark Ages. Last night I went to see a piano recital at ECU, which was wonderful. I've also started play practice for Jack and the Giant the musical, I'm a villager and I'm in the castle chorus. This weekend I'm going to my best friend's 11th birthday party, we're going bowling. My dad is going to DC for a mission trip, and my brothers start soccer practice.
A few weeks ago we threw a get together (she didn't want a party) for my mom's 40th birthday, we had a blast!!!!

Come back very soon for more crazy stuff!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!

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